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  The timeless mystery and beauty of the ancient Troad has fascinated travellers for more than 5000 years. And it is still waiting for you. An incredible, unforgettable land of myths, literature, religion and philosophy.
Where the gods of ancient Greece destined the lives of our ancestors, watching the battle of Troy, where philosophers like Aristotle taught the world their new views of understanding nature and the universe, where St Paul travelled to give people the hopes  of a new religion, and where one of the first mosques of the Ottoman empire with its remnants of byzantine crafts is still in situ as a symbol of religious toleration.
  Experience the truth and background of Homer's verses, the delicate combination of the fragrance of fresh air, the luminance of the Aegean skies, the transparent turquoise seas and hidden beaches.

   A holiday in the midst of the embarrassingly beautiful, in some parts chapparal-like countryside, surrounded by the myths of a great history, walking in the footsteps of Achilles, Aristotle, St. Paul- and only a short distance from the world famous sites of TROY and PERGAMUM, only some hours by car or bus from Istanbul or Izmir.

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