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..... 5. The ruins of Assus, or Behrém or Beriám Kalesi, opposite to Mólivo (the ancient Methymna), in Mytilene. The ruins are extremely curious. There is a theatre in very perfect preservation; and the remains of several temples lying in confused heaps upon the ground; an inscription upon an architrave belonging to one of these buildings shows that it was dedicated to Augustus; but some figures in low relief on another architrave, appear to be in much more ancient style of art, and they are sculptured upon the hard granite of Mount Ida, which forms the materials of several of the buildings*
    On the western side of the city the remains of the walls and the towers, with a gate, are in complete preservation; and without the walls is seen the cemetery, with numerous sarcophagi still standing in their places, and an ancient causeway leading through the to the gate. 
    Some of these sarcophagi are of gigantic dimensions. 

    The whole gives, perhaps, the most perfect idea of a Greek city that any where exists.

     * The following words are distinguished upon one of the architraves....
     On another architrave is recorded the name of a person who had bequeathed land for restoring the city, and from the profits of which the temple had been rebuilt.
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