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Imagine majestic skies, cobbled streets and a tiny cluster of old stone buildings covered in Bougainvillea. Picture blue waters lapping gently on to pebbled beaches.

        Drive six hours south of Istanbul down the Aegean coast and you will find Assos and this is where you dream no more. 
       On a recent trip to Turkey my friends and I came across this tiny fishing village. Colonised in the sixth century BC  people from Lesbos ( a nearby Greek Island), Assos first flourished as a port, agricultural town and centre for platonic learning. 
Aristotle himself lived here for three years. 
       Today, however, the scene is very different, as the village is now just a farming town, reliant on tourism.  
       But the word "port" is deceiving as the entire area would not be more than 1km long. The village is so small that the main road runs between the restaurants' outside walls and your "al fresco" dining table, just 2 metres away. 
      You can have a relaxing lunch sitting outside next to the jetty watching the half dozen (or so) fishermen motoring in and out of the bay. 
      The food, especially the seafood, is exquisite and reasonably priced, as are the local wines. 
      Accommodation was on average $8-$10* per night for a twin room, all of which
were clean and tidy.

Assos is a must for purveyors of fine food and wine who delight in a beautiful, tranquil and historic setting.

* Prices are higher nowadays, depending on hotel/pension and season     
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