Guided Tours:
English, German, Dutch fluently, French spoken. Spanish, Italian partly understood??

Accompanied* Walks:
(see map)                                                                  ...*if desired

        1. Through the many narrow and steep alleys of the village (I haven't seen all of them, I think).
        2. From the old mosque (nearby the Timur pension and restaurant, rest there for a moment, have a drink on one of its roofs(!) and enjoy the panoramic view over the country, the coastlineand the strait) to the Athena temple on top of the hill through the ruins (antique cemetery, huge city walls and gates, towers, agora, theatre, which has been partly rebuilt by now...) down to the harbour or vice versa.  Hueseyin is the 60 year old 'bekçi' (guardian) of the antique site. He leads tourists around, promises he could do his tours not only in German, but also in English. It should be true, as he has been mentioned very favourably in The New York Times - so try him out!
        3. Both sides of the river Tuzla (antique Satnioeis) from the old Ottoman bridge to the East and West, up from the river valley through the antique and still used quarries to the Kadirga road.
        4. From the far side of the river valley to the east, to the ruins of the deserted village of Mentese: a beautiful and quiet place from where most inhabitants moved to Assos some decades ago, with a breathtaking view over Assos to the island of Lesbos.
        5. From the harbour along the campgrounds to Kadirga beach (surfing paradise!) with some new hotels, and along the coast to the west.
        6. From the beginning of the road to the harbour to the hill of Ayazma, through beautiful old paved narrow alleys, shaded from the sun by overhanging trees and bushes, there to find the remaining ruins of at least one byzantine basilica (church), a romantic, by now caved in cattle shed, the front of which is decorated and upheld by row of antique columns and lintels.
        7. Walk down the cobbled road to the harbour (iskele) and admire the mosaics of a partly excavated byzantine church, as well as the marvellous view on the Greek island of Lesbos (just some 12 kms away!) and the gulf of Edremit.
        8. Or leave the harbour road to take the old narrow downhill winding paved path, to follow the camel caravans till 50 years ago, transporting huge sacks of 'palamut', (special acorns of the Troad, which were stored in the nowadays hotels at the harbour, to be shipped to Izmir and from there to North Africa and Spain for the benefit of their prospering leather factories).

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